How To Get Free Mobile Internet Anywhere

We have good news and bad news.

The good news is that if you live in a big city, it’s possible to get by without ever paying for mobile internet.

We are working on a solution to make mobile internet free for everyone, everywhere. Read on below.

We are working on a solution to make mobile internet free for everyone, everywhere. Read on below.

The bad news is that currently, to access free internet hotspots, you have to spend a lot of time finding a good signal, or even one that works at all. And when you find one, you may be obligated to pay for it indirectly – for example, coffee shops don’t always give you the password if you are not a customer.

There are ways around these obligations, and many businesses, especially big brands like McDonald’s and Starbucks, have started to offer free wifi for anyone, even if they are not a customer.

But even then, it is often a pain in the ass to sign in to these networks – it has to be done manually every time, and sometimes the connection is so unstable you have to keep signing in constantly.

There are thousands of wifi signals out there in any big city, but most of them are private and password protected, and there is little incentive for the owners of these networks to make them available for strangers, which greatly limits the amount of networks you can actually access.

You can still technically get free internet for your mobile phone without paying for a data plan, but is is a bit more work than you would ideally like… More on that later.

The real good news is that we are developing a mobile software that does all of the work for you.


wifiNot only will you be able to auto connect to free WiFi networks, but we have developed an innovative concept which will enable you to connect to thousands of protected private internet networks as well.

Not by hacking – all legally and with the owners’ permission.

And more importantly, all free.

The android and iPhone apps will seamlessly keep you connected to an optimal free network at all times, whenever you are near a signal that is included in our database. In big cities, you will never have to pay for mobile data ever again.

And even if you do wish to pay for data as a backup, you will greatly reduce your mobile data usage, allowing to save money on your monthly bill.

The application is currently under development. Please add your email below and we will inform you when it’s available for free download. There will be no spam.


How To Currently Get Free Internet Anywhere




But before our app becomes available, here’s how you can currently use free internet while on the go:

As you already may know, the world is becoming obsessed with WiFi. An ever increasing amount of public and private owned venues, malls, restaurants, airports and cafes are offering a free WiFi connection. These networks are not perfect, but can still be used for receiving texts on whatsapp, email, browsing lighter websites, and the like. But be warned, you will most likely not be able to watch high quality videos, unless you find a venue that is empty with no other WiFi users.


The first network is public wifi, often free, but will require manual sign in even after connecting. The second is a password protected network.

You can find free WiFi hotspots easily in our growing database of free hotspots, if your city is on the list.

Connecting to these networks is relatively simple. First, you have to find the WiFi settings in your mobile phone, where you can see a list of available networks. If free WiFi is available, it will be pictured without a lock.

Not all unsecured WiFis are truly free, but chances are if you’re in a place such as an airport, library or a McDonald’s, there will be a free network. Usually, the WiFi name has something like “Airport wifi” or “Free wifi” in the name, to help customers spot the right network.

Click on the signal to connect to it. Once connected, open your browser and enter a random website address, if your phone does not do this automatically.

Most likely, if you are not connected already, you will be taken to a page where you are asked to manually “sign up” for the free WiFi. Often, some personal details are collected, such as a name or an email, but at the very least, you will be asked to click a button and accept terms of service.

Tip: the email rarely has to be confirmed, so if you do not like junk mail, a random fake address will work just fine.

Once you have clicked to connect and accepted the terms, you should now be connected. Pay attention to your WiFi signal strength – if you are too far away from the hotspot, your internet will connection will be weak and slow. If you really need to access the internet, try walking around to find out where exactly the signal is coming from, and walk towards a spot where the signal is the strongest. If the WiFi still doesn’t work, you may try another network, or switch locations entirely – free WiFi is often a hit and a a miss.


How To Get Free Public WiFi Access At Home

black-791429_640Wifi signals work a bit like sound waves. There is the “transmitter”, which sends the signal, and the receiver, an antenna inside your phone or laptop. Problem is, laptops and especially cellphones are not designed with powerful antennas, so they can not receive the signal from very far away.

If you live in a spot where there are free wifi signals withing a few hundred feet radius, it is sometimes possible to obtain a high power wifi antenna, which will help you “listen” to a free internet signal from much farther away than normal. Therefore, it’s possible to get free wifi at home this way, which means your only expense will be an antenna.

There are various different WiFi antenna options available on marketplaces such as Amazon.


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